Living Room Ideas at Lidl from Sunday, 10th February 2018

Living Room Ideas at Lidl from Sunday, 10th February 2018. Do you know what’s sale on Lidl uk for this week? If you haven’t, using the store’s weekly advertisements will be your great guide. Browse Latest Lidl Promotion and deals

Here is preview Living Room Ideas at Lidl Offers this week valid from 10/2/2019:

What’s on sale at Lidl Living Room Ideas this week?

  • Meradiso Floor Mat1 £ 6.99each
  • Livarno Living Over-Door Hooks1 £ 2.99each
  • Melinera Photo Frame1 £ 4.99each
  • Melinera Photo Wallpaper1 £ 9.99each
  • Livarno Lux LED Cabinet Light1 £ 4.99each
  • Livarno Lux LED Nightlight1 £ 1.79each
  • Livarno Lux LED Colour-Changing Bulb1 £ 6.99each
  • Livarno Living LED Floor Lamp1 £ 24.99each
  • Silvercrest Bluetooth Speaker Tower1 £ 49.99each
  • Easy-Care Plants 1 £ 4.49each

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