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Lidl Offers This Week Living Room Essentials Thursday 1st February 2018

Lidl Offers This Week Living Room Essentials Start Thursday 1st February 2018 – Do you know what’s in and what’s hot in the Lidl uk for this week? If you haven’t, using the store’s weekly advertisements will be your great guide. ?


Preview this lidl offers this week valid from 1/2/2018 – 6/2/2018:


  • Melinera Photo Wallpaper £ 9.99each
  • Auriol Radio-Controlled Weather Station £ 17.99each
  • Livarno Lux LED Floor Lamp £ 24.99each
  • Livarno Lux LED Colour-Changing Light Bulb £ 6.99each
  • Livarno Lux LED Light Bulb 2 for £3£ 1.99each
  • Livarno Lux LED Nightlight £ 1.79each
  • Silvercrest USB Charger £ 14.99each
  • Meradiso Doormat £ 6.99each
  • Panasonic Pro Power Batteries 8 batteries + 8 batteries extra free £ 3.99 each 49.9p/battery
  • Livarno Living Extendable Shoe Rack £ 12.99each
  • Airwick Candle £ 1.99each
  • Airwick Pure Spray 250ml £ 1.99 each £7.96/L
  • Airwick Reed Diffuser 25ml £ 2.99 each
  • Livarno Lux LED Light Strip £ 4.99 each

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