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LIDL Adults’ Clothes Offers From Thursday 30.7.2020

LIDL Adults’ Clothes Offers from Thursday 30th July.2020. Do you know what’s on sale this Sunday at LIDL UK this week? If you don’t have, using the store’s weekly Leaflets will be your great guide.

Here is Preview LIDL Adults’ Clothes valid from 30 Jul 2020 ;

LIDL Adults' Clothes Offers From Thursday 30.7.2020What’s on sale this Sunday at LIDL this week?


  • Livergy Men’s Stretch Denim Shorts
  • Livergy Men’s Polo Shirt
  • Esmara Ladies’ Trousers
  • Esmara Ladies’ Knee-Length Dress
  • Esmara Ladies’ Vest Top
  • Esmara Ladies’ Sleeveless Maxi Dress
  • Livergy Adults’ Sandals
  • Esmara Adults’ Sandals
  • Livergy Men’s Boxers
  • Esmara Ladies’ Anti-Chafing Shorts
  • Esmara Ladies’ Footsies


Find amazing prices in the latest Lidl offers for your favorite Lidl local store or supermarket. Always check your local Lidl special buys as it may not have all the deals and items.

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