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LIDL DIY Tools Offers From Sunday, 1st November 2020

LIDL DIY Tools Offers from Sunday, 1st Nov 2020. Do you know what’s on sale this Sunday at LIDL UK this weekend ? If you don’t have, using the store’s weekly Leaflets will be your great guide.

Here is Preview LIDL DIY Tools Offers valid from 1/11/2020 ;

LIDL DIY Tools Offers From Thursday, 1st November 2020


What’s on sale this Sunday at LIDL this weekend?


  • Parkside Metal Cutting Bandsaw
  • Parkside 20V Cordless Drill Driver & Accessory Set
  • Parkside Paddle Mixer
  • Parkside Metal Chop Saw
  • Parkside Digital Heat Gun
  • Parkside Double Bench Grinder
  • Parkside Hammer Drill
  • Parkside Metal Tool Box
  • Parkside Cordless Work Light
  • Parkside Infrared Thermometer
  • Parkside Rotary Tool Accessory Set
  • Parkside Interlocking Organiser
  • Parkside Bit Set
  • Parkside HSS Drill and Tap Set
  • Tronic Battery Charger & Rechargeable Batteries
  • Parkside Spirit Level Set
  • Parkside 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Handsaw
  • Powerfix Profi Multi-Purpose Cord
  • Parkside Japanese Saw
  • Parkside Hollow Wall Anchor Set
  • Parkside One-Handed Bar Clamps
  • Parkside Measuring Tool Assortment
  • Parkside T-Handle Hex Key or Star Key Set
  • Parkside Specialised Drill Bit Set
  • Parkside Drain Cleaner
  • Parkside Polishing Set or Wire Brush Set
  • Livarno Lux LED Torch
  • Parkside Hook & Hanger Assortment
  • Parkside Magnetic Tool Holder
  • Tronic Rechargeable Batteries
  • Powerfix Profi Magnetic Wristband or Bit Set
  • Tronic Button Cell Batteries
  • 3M Neon or Black Duct Tape



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