French Week at Lidl Offers Start Thursday 1st February 2018

French Week at Lidl Offers Start Thursday 1st – Wednesday 7th February 2018. Do you know what’s in and what’s hot in the Lidl uk for this week? If you haven’t, using the store’s weekly advertisements will be your great guide.

Preview French Week at lidl offers this week valid from 1/2/2018 – 7/2/2018:

  • Baguette 59peach
  • Butter Croissant 35peach
  • Pain au Chocolat 45peach
  • Duc De Coeur Camembert le Caractère 250g £ 1.49each £5.96/kg
  • Normandy Brie 500g £ 2.79each £5.58/kg
  • Spécialités Françaises Air Dried Salami Slices 120g £ 1.19each 99.2p/100g
  • Spécialités Françaises Traditional French Salami 250g £ 1.79each 71.6p/100g
  • Spécialités Françaises Mini Salami 75g 99peach £1.32/100g
  • Duc de Coeur Goats’ Cheese 100g £ 1.29each £12.90/kg
  • Duc de Coeur Croque Monsieur 350g £ 1.99each 56.9p/100g
  • Kronenbourg 1664 20 x 275ml £ 11.99each £2.18/L
  • Duc de Coeur Pommes Noisettes 1kg 99peach 99p/kg
  • Duc de Coeur French Tart 308g/260g £ 1.99each £6.46/£7.65/kg
  • Duc de Coeur 4 Mini Gratins 480g £ 2.29each £4.77/kg
  • Spécialités Françaises Duck à l’Orange 450g £ 3.49each £7.76/kg
  • Duc De Coeur 2 MSC Hake Fillets 250g £ 2.99each £11.96/kg
  • Duc de Coeur 12 Mussels 125g £ 2.49each £19.92/kg
  • Duc de Coeur Traditional Breton Scallops 360g £ 3.49each £9.69/kg
  • Duc de Coeur Crème Brûlée Flavoured Ice Cream 850ml £ 1.99each 23.4p/100ml
  • Duc de Coeur Fish Soup 952g £ 1.49each 15.7p/100g
  • Duc de Coeur White Nougat 250g £ 2.29each 91.6p/100g
  • Duc de Coeur Madeleines 250g £ 1.99each 79.6p/100g
  • Duc de Coeur 12 Filled Snails 89g £ 2.19each £24.60/kg
  • Duc de Coeur Family-sized Desserts 450g £ 2.29each 50.9p/100g
  • Duc de Coeur Butter Biscuits 315g £ 3.49each £1.11/100g

Check and Buy French Week at Lidl Offers Start Thursday 1st February 2018 here

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